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Bumper Repair Cape Town

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Bumper and plastic repair Cape Town

Serving all your Auto Body repair work, from Bumper repairs, Plastic repairs and Spray Painting. Our team are knowledgeable and certified. 

We are proud and specialise in private and commercial customer satisfaction. From Bumper to Panel repairs, from dent removal to chassis check, we have you covered.

Bumper repair
Classic cars body work
Crash Repair
Panel Beating
Bumper Paint
Car rust removal
Car polishing
Panel replacement
Bumper repair, Panel beater, classic car restoration. This image was designed by Bumper Repair Cape Town.
  • Auto Body repairs Cape Town and Wynberg

Bumper and Panel repairs

Bumper repairs Cape Town have been in business for years. That is to say we have worked on Cars, SUV's and trucks. We are conveniently located in Wynberg. Our minor crash and accident repairs are fantastic as our many customers will tell you. We take care of your vehicle as if it is our own. Your vehicle is treated with the highest standard while at our top class workshop.

Moreover the owner is on site to make sure quality workmanship on your vehicle is guaranteed. ​ He loves Auto body repairs. Why not have a chat and see how friendly and professional we are.

Have you been in a small collision and need your bumper or side panel repaired. You are at the right place. We will make your vehicle look like new again. If your plastic bumper needs a new life, look no further. Bumper Repair Cape Town is the right place for you.

Subsequently our prices are competitive and are value for money every time.
No need to buy Bumper fix kits. Bring your car to the pros today and get access to quality workmanship with certified technicians. We have been doing Panel repairs in Cape Town for many years.
  • Spray Painting panels
  • Spray Painting of car doors

Spray Painting

Many people ask the question weather they should replace a bumper or repair it? We have the answers. We have reinforced bumpers before and happy to do it again. Sometimes a Bumper needs to be replaced for example when there is a large piece missing.

Our team consists of very skilled technicians and spray painters. The team use up to date equipment for bumper fixing that is fast and efficient. As soon as you give us the green light to work on your car we get straight to work and can advise if we find other areas of your vehicle that need repairs too. We aim to save you hassle and money.

Dont drive your damaged car! If your bumper is falling off, contact us for all your plastic bumper repair needs. Let our customer service wow you.

Super fast bumper repairs

When your bumper needs immediate attention, Bumper Repairs Cape Town are the quickest in Wynberg for bumper repairs. Our costs are less than most traditional panel workshops. The reason for superior service is that we have been in the business for a very long time.
Your car won't repair itself
Legendary Bumper Repair Cape Town provides immaculate minor car accident and spray painting services. Therefore come from anywhere in Cape Town. Your bumper fix is just a click call away
Call us for a free, no obligation quote
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What makes us different?

Impeccable repairs
The team have the correct tools for all minor repairs. Spray painting is our specialty, why not come by and have a look in the when you are next Wynberg area. Maybe you can check out a SUV being spray painted.

Our customers have a cost effective outlet to get their repairs done without going the insurance route. Consequently most car minor bumper scratches and dents can be repaired within the insurance excess. Therefore, you will become a loyal customer soon.

Superb quality equipment
We utilize high quality equipment. In other words, nothing but the best for the team. This makes sure that your vehicle is as close as possible to its original form.
About Us
Fast Turnaround
Your vehicle is our number one priority.
Quality Assured
We guarantee 100% satisfaction on every job we complete.
No Job Too Big
Providing a full scope of automotive repair services.
Experienced Engineers
Years of experience will show in the work done. We know how to do it.
Always informed
We will keep you up to date all the time

Trained professionals

​Our team have had the necessary training to look after your vehcle and restore it. Every customers is a VIP. Your time with us with be memorable and and professional.

Reliable service.

The great Benjamin Franklin once said:"Lost time is never found again." We agree.

We are Local

Not only do we know the industry and the lay of the land, we have access to the best quality goods at the best prices in Cape Town

Plastic repair

To refurbish plastic is an art and a skill that we have and always will. So ask our team to explain epoxy adhesive and see their faces light up. Why not ask about our car bumper costs!


Ask us about chrome plating or spray on chrome. In the same vein each has its advantages. We do not do this at our shop as it requires specialised equipment. We can point you in the right direction.

Spray Painting

Our spray painting booth is where the art happens. each project is of a high quality and amazing to see the end results of every spray painting job. We even spray paint trucks, bakkies, classic cars and vintage cars.
Mission Statement
We are up to-date with the latest industry practices and techniques. With this confidence we are able to treat our valued customers with care when it comes to any auto bumper repair or panel replacement service. To clarify we commit to an unrivaled experience that will keep our customers always coming back.

Each car is evaluated when dropped off. We take our time to make sure we prep for each job and keep to our high standards.. Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Panel beating is a unique skill and should be left to professionals in Cape town - Wynberg

Panel beating

Price and value go hand in hand with convenience like when we repair bumpers or engage in a car bumper replacement. All done in a few short hours. Call today and discuss your needs, car type like BMW X3, VW or Ford Ranger. We can then give you a car bumper cost estimate right then and there. Further we can restore bumpers to their pre accident condition in a very quick time-frame. In conclusion we also work on classic car refurbishment.

When in the area, come and have a chat with us and have a closer look at what we do. Why not even try our same day service option. This can help you with car maintenance and keep your car in a tip top condition. Your car will be dent free and the memory of scratches and dents will be a thing of the past.

We are in the mood for free no-obligation quotes and will be happy to answer any questions, just ask one of our expert staff. We are conveniently located and our workmanship is guaranteed. Also check out our BMW bumper costs.

As we are experienced in car Bumper and panel repairs, we are very efficient. Car body repairs, side moldings, plastic bumpers, basically any minor accident repairs and plastic repair. Just search for dent repairs near me.
  • Close up of a motorbike with a scratch. Easy to repair
  • Motorbike scratched from a minor accident
  • Motorbike scratches are an easy repair

Bumper Specialist

Ready to Drive it!
When your car is ready, stand back and admire the bumper spray painting and repairs. We are always confident that your vehicle has been repaired to your satisfaction and if not please tell us on the spot. We are quick, thorough and hassle free.

Here is why we are Cape Towns #1 Bumper and Body repair workshop
Trustworthy service
Competent in our equipment use
technicians are experienced and professional
​Quality workmanship and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We have worked on some amazing collectors motorcars, Porsche's, Ferrari's and even those hard to find gems like a Ford GT. That is to say rest assured that when you drive your car away we have applied our best pride in our work.

Our scratch and dent technician is an expert in minor impacts. The Wynburg based repair center use experience and knowledge alongside precision equipment to repair your scratch and dent. Auto Body repairs are what we do and we do it well.
  • Rust and dents are what we repair weekly, pop in and see.
  • Rust at the coast on an antique like this, we do rust removal and restoration of panels all the time

Dent, rust and scratch repair

Firstly, Cape Town is known for its cars being susceptible to rust. Secondly the salt in the air here is very high and so rust can happen quickly. Thirdly we can repair all rust issues. Dont let that little scratch become full of rust.

Further, do you have a 4X4 that was bumper on the weekend, bring it in and we will have it looking like new again. Moreover we make cars look great again. Ultimately we thrive in Bumper remove, repair, respray and refit.

Give us a call today to give you a free estimate on all your bumps and panel beating needs

Dent repair

It is so unsightly and sometimes may even bring on a weird look to have dents and marks on your bumper. We can fix that for you and it it will be as close as possible to a former glory. Especially late car models that are subjected to dings and scrapes over the year develop these discouraging marks.

We match the paint and repair the damage perfectly. In the past we have also removed cosmetic defaults. Scuffs are no problem for our professional team. Rock chipping is no problem for our professional team. Scratches are no problem for our professional team. You can always expect attention to detail when it comes to our bumper and dent repair work. If you get a friend to have a look at the finished job, they might not be able to tell it was damaged!
What is the cost for Bumper Repair
Often people are surprised by what a bumper repair can add up to. This is often associated with what is cost in the old days. Back then a bumper was more functional and just a piece of metal bolted to both ends of the vehicle. Trucks today still have this as it is designed to absorb bumps. Even hard rubber is used in same cases like the back of a truck trailer. These "bumpers" were easy to remove and very cost effective to replace.

As cars, trucks and bakkies evolve bumper became a bit more complicated. Bumpers became a part of the vehicle design. That means that the repair cost are directly affected. Lets look at this more closely to better understand it.

How long does it take?
These days removing a bumper is much more than removing some screws. Today there are many integrated parts in a bumper. These extra items and parts increase the time that it takes to remove and assemble a modern bumper. The below items all need very careful attention when disconnecting and reconnecting.
1. Fog lights, Indicator lights, decorative lights or even headlights are now integrated into the bumper.
2. Trim needs careful removal and attachment as we don t want to scratch or dent parts that are not damaged.
3. Sensors like reverse sensors, changing lane sensors, warning sensors, cameras are all inserted into modern day bumpers.
4. Air channels are also built into modern day bumpers.
These all need care and precision when it comes repairs and time taken to do professionally repair the bumper.

Spray Painting
The aim is to restore the bumper to a former condition. It must look as good as it was before. It is also important to note what the bumper it there for. This means we always consider the bumper structure and make sure there is no compromise structurally.
Preparations for painting include things like sanding, removing paint and cleaning. Painting is an art that involves colour matching, base coats, various paint coats and finally some clear coats. Each layer must be allowed fully cure before the next layer can be applied. This can take anywhere from 3 hours to a few days depending on the type of bumper.

Masking take, sandpaper, vehicle protective covers, body fillers, plastic repair kits all cost money. We did once measure all the items carefully but found this to add time to the job. So over the years we became experts in the average materials used per specific job. So now it is a flat rate for materials per type of job.

Often there are some parts that to be replaced. Even a whole bumper replacement is very expensive. That is because modern bumpers have many components attached within the bumper.

What does it add up to?
Now you have an insight to what goes into a modern bumper repair. Time, Components and materials all add up. Bumper repairs these days start at abut R2400 for the most basic bumpers that have been in Minor Accidents. Simple dents and scratches can be less than that. However, top end bumpers can cost as much as R22 000 to repair.

What is a Panel Beater?

A panel beater specializes in car repair that involves beating of a vehicles bodywork. This can also be called car body repair! It is directly related to damage repair of a cars body.

What does Panel Beating cost?
Panel beating costs are rounded up by two determining factors. Firstly what is the damage on the body of the car? Secondly what is the cost of labour? Perhaps it is just a small repair job then the costs can be as little at a few thousand rand. If the car has been in an accident the repair can be much more or even above R10 000.

The process of Panel Beating
A Panel beater is a specialist and has many skills. Here are a couple of the skills.

Have you heard of Planishing? It is a form of Panel Beating or metalworking technique. The aim is to smoothly finish the surface of the cars sheet metal. A Planishing hammer (for panels) is used in this technique.

Welding is a specialist technique that only a few can get right on a cars sheet metal. it is common for a workshop to have a welding specialist onsite. To restore a vehicle that has had a lot of damage a welder is essential. Luckily for you we have two specialists at our workshop.
Spray painting is for the boss. Complete spray paint jobs in Cape Town South Africa

Spray Paint for Panels

Our state of the art facility permits the team to manage the standard of our paintwork and maintain a standardized level of internal control. The system of applying spraypaint refinishing in our Tier one Paint Booth can give you a perfect and sturdy end result. Mile Bumper Repair Cape Town applies similar techniques and processes to each automotive. We have a tendency to build from the start up and panel painting is a walk in the park.
Classic Car Restoration and bumper repairs

Bumper Repair in Cape Town

As we know, there are many parts to a car these days. Many of them can break or be damaged. If you have a broken or damaged part, our advice is to get it repaired as soon as you can. It looks bad and even worse can have an effect on your cars' safety. Thirdly you should consider the value of the car.

Get a quote today!
Always be in the know when it comes to what it will cost to get the scratches or dents repaired. If you know then you can easily save or make a plan to get the damaged parts fixed. Revitalise your car as soon as you can as you will feel better once it is done.
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