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Bumper and plastic repair 

Your one stop shop for minor accident repairs
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  • Auto Body repairs Cape Town and Wynberg. Contact us for all your Panel Beating repair needs.

Bumper and Panel repairs

Bumper repair Cape Town have been in business for years. We have worked on Cars, SUV's and trucks. We are conveniently located in Wynberg. Our minor crash and accident repairs are fantastic as our many customers will tell you. We take care of your vehicle as if it is our own. Your vehicle is treated with the highest standard while at our top class workshop.

The owner is on site to make sure quality workmanship on your vehicle is guaranteed. ​ He loves Auto body repairs. Why not have a chat and see how friendly and professional we are.

Have you been in a small collision and need your bumper or side panel repaired. You are at the right place. We will make your vehicle look like new again. If your plastic bumper needs a new life, look no further. Bumper Repair Cape Town is the right place for you.

Our prices are competitive and are value for money every time.
No need to buy Bumper fix kits. Bring your car to the pros today and get access to quality workmanship with certified technicians. We have been doing Panel repairs in Cape Town for many years.
Bumper repair, Panel beater, classic car restoration. This image was designed by Bumper Repair Cape Town.

Less Hassle with bumper repairs

Don't get stuck without your car because of a bumper repair. Don't get overcharged for getting your plastic bumper repaired. Before you use up your insurance excess and lose your no claims bonus, call Bumper repair Cape Town for a helping service.

When you have a new car and you get your first scratch in the plastic, don't worry. We have you covered. Let us quote you and wow you with our service, we might even be able to save you some money with regards to your insurance. Less hassle and less cost, perfect!
  • Plastic Bumper repair on a Toyota VX - before
  • Plastic Bumper repair - during repairs
  • Plastic Bumper Repair on a Toyota VX

Plastic repairs

We are proud and specialise in private and commercial customer satisfaction. From Bumper to Panel repairs, from dent removal to chassis check, we have you covered.

Bumper repair
Classic cars body work
Crash Repair
Panel Beating
Bumper Paint
Car rust removal
Car polishing
Panel replacement
  • Spray Painting panels
  • Spray Painting of car doors

Spray Painting

Many people ask the question weather they should replace a bumper or repair it? We have the answers. We have reinforced bumpers before and happy to do it again. Sometimes a Bumper needs to be replaced for example when there is a large piece missing.

Our team consists of very skilled technicians and spray painters. The team use up to date equipment for bumper fixing that is fast and efficient. As soon as you give us the green light to work on your car we get straight to work and can advise if we find other areas of your vehicle that need repairs too. We aim to save you hassle and money.

Dont drive your damaged car! If your bumper is falling off, contact us for all your plastic bumper repair needs. Let our customer service wow you.
Your car won't repair itself
Legendary Bumper Repair Cape Town provides immaculate minor car accident and spray painting services. Come from anywhere in Cape Town. Your bumper fix is just a click call away
Call us for a free, no obligation quote
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What makes us different?

Impeccable repairs
The team have the correct tools for all minor repairs. Spray painting is our specialty, Why not come by and have a look in the when you are next Wynberg area. Maybe you can check out a SUV being spray painted.

Our customers have a cost effective outlet to get their repairs done without going the insurance route. Most car minor bumper scratces and dents can be repaired within the insurance excess. Therefore, you will become a loyal customer soon.

Superb quality equipment
We utilize high quality equipment, nothing but the best for the team. This makes sure that your vehicle is as close as possible to its original form.
About Us
Fast Turnaround
Your vehicle is our number one priority.
Quality Assured
We guarantee 100% satisfaction on every job we complete.
No Job Too Big
Providing a full scope of automotive repair services.
Experienced Engineers
Years of experience will show in the work done. We know how to do it.
Always informed
We will keep you up to date all the time

Trained professionals

​Our team have had the necessary training to look after your vehicle and restore it. Every customers is a VIP. Your time with us with be memorable and and professional.

Reliable service.

The great Benjamin Franklin once said:"Lost time is never found again." We agree.

We are Local

Not only do we know the industry and the lay of the land, we have access to the best quality goods at the best prices in Cape Town

Plastic repair

To refurbish plastic is an art and a skill that we have and always will. Ask our team to explain epoxy adhesive and see their faces light up. Why not ask about our car bumper costs!

Don't settle for costly bumper repair services

Sometimes just a small area of the bumper has been damaged and so the whole panel does not need to be repainted. As a body shop we call this area blending. This is done by a highly skilled painter that has experience with blending colour's. The colour has to be an exact match for the paint on the rest of the panel. The benefit is that it costs much less than a whole auto panel repair job. Go on a search for bumper repair near me to find us.


Ask us about chrome plating or spray on chrome. Each has its advantages. We do not do this at our shop as it requires specialized equipment. We can point you in the right direction.

Spray Painting

Our spray painting booth is where the art happens. each project is of a high quality and amazing to see the end results of every spray painting job. We even spray paint trucks, bakkies, classic cars and vintage cars.
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