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Classic and Vintage Car Restoration

Auto Body repairs
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Classic and Vintage cars

Classic car restoration takes time and often involves teams that know what they are doing. 

Experienced technicians and the right tools for the job are key. Patience also goes a long way.
Bumper repair, Panel beater, classic car restoration. This image was designed by Bumper Repair Cape Town.
  • Rust at the coast on an antique like this, we do rust removal and restoration of panels all the time

Classic Car Restoration

Your vintage car or muscle car has a huge sentimental value and probably a monetary value too. It is then time to care for your old timer. You might have inherited your vehicle or you simply might be passionate about classic cars. Let us have a chat about your car and see where we can help.

If you want to maintain your classic and keep it in a great condition it might need more than sanding and rubbing. When you are keen to restore your classic car, we do Auto Body Restoration.

We have worked on vehicles from the forty's right up to the classic's of the seventies, they are all unique and lovely. Dont send your car to the graveyard, let us work on your restoration and bring it back to life. We can also work with custom rides and special requests. Rust does not wait, so come on and make contact with a pro today and let us take care of your aged, yet fantastic cars.
  • Ferrari 612 OTO classic car restoration
  • Porsche Carrera 3

Classic Cars

We have experience in working with old cars. We know the industry. Many people have these wonderful classic cars just sitting on their property and dont know what to do with them. Being in your idle cars and we will rejuvenate them. Perhaps you have a special Ferrari 612 oto.

As an owner of a beautiful machine, we can testify to giving classic cars a second life and make the owner see the cars full potetial. Years of non-maintenance may have deteriorated the cars previous vintage restorations and repairs but with our expertise and skills, we are able to replenish your classic cars to a former glory.

Everything is possible with our can do attitude backed by years of experience, correct tools, perfect materials and veteran technicians. restoring vehicles is our passion. When the classic car project is complete and we are looking at a car that looks like new again, we just know that this is in our veins.
  • Classic car restoration
  • Classic repairs


Bodywork and spray painting is what we are all about, let us know if you need some other stuff done we will be happy to advise you on things like chrome, trim, auto electrical, detailing, upholstery, interior and glass.

We ensure original character unless you want something unique. Our cars have charm too. Our methodical and proven proceses aid the changes from before to after restoration. The process is followed until we reach the desired end results.

All projects are succesful due to our staff and their training. Make use of our team to propel your muscle car to the next level. Please do let us know if you want to put your Muscle car for sale.
Restoration is here
We are legends at classic care, vintage and muscle car repairs.
 Spray painting and restoration will increase vehicle value.
Classic care is here...
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Restoration Shop

Want to turn heads at the next show-day! What about a Porsche Carrera 3!
​We restore vintage vehicles to a show winning condition. Your car will be the centre of attention to all car enthusiasts.

Check out our antique cars restoration list, lets add your car to the list!

Our amazing team hve everything needed to start the chosen vintage car restoration. The possibilities are endless and it also adds to our teams career in the auto restoration business. We can source spares quickly and most of the time they come from specialized shops overseas. We have a culture for thoroughness and completion even for the later models like the Cayenne Porsche

We go the extra kilometer every-time and you will be our next smiling customer. Let us enhance and preserve your cars value. We can start anywhere and complete the restoration of you vintage car.
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What are we talking about
The Ferrari 612 oto has come up allot recently in day to day conversations. What does the the oto stand for? Well the oto means One To One which means that if you have a Ferrari 612 oto it was personalized when bought brand new, that also means that it is unique! The Ferrari 612 oto range included upgrades to the transmission, clutch, roof, brakes, audio system. The upgraded Ferrari 612 oto had a different display and dash and the option of cruise control. It is fun to talk and dispute this topics at our shop. We also raised the subject of tires, sport exhaust and the start button on the steering wheel.

The Ferrari 612 owners could order all the details to owner preference. That makes each 612 oto special and different to the next. Thanks to the dedicated Ferrari engineers and work force, each owner today feels very much like a show stopper on the road. Knowing that you are driving a one of a kind car is just brilliant.
The Ferrari 612 oto was built with a 540hp master of an engine, perfect weight to mass ratio. Talking of perfect, what about those perfect looks in the classic Ferrari red...
Ferrari 612 OTO classic car restoration done in Cape Town South Africa
Specialized colour matching
One of our customers most often asked questions is " how will this colour look? Will the colour match my existing colour? Our team are always confident when asked about colour matching. We are able to match any cars original coat using very specialized equipment and processes.

You can certainly make use of our skills and experience to put that original wow factor back on your car!
  • Porsche Boxter restoration


Porsche Car Repair and Maintenance near you in South Africa

Our garage can restore a custom classic car, we are looking for the next project.
Maybe we are working on a treat like a Porsche Boxter when you bring your car in!
We specialise in;

Body refurbisment
Aluminum Welding
Gap profiling
Steel Panel Fabrication
And much more

This list is only a taste of our performance. Tell us your needs, goals and requirements and we can make a plan for you. Let us walk this road together to a perfect restoration of your vintage car.

Professional craftsmanship is our moto. We have had cars from all over South Africa. Our expertise is recognised in the details, we are at your service.
  • Mercedes 280sl Pagoda

Rare classics

We will speak with you the whole way through the project and you will have comfort knowing that you are paying for a quality restoration. One of our recent stories involves a Mercedes 280sl Pagoda. What an amazing Cape Town vehicle.
Sometimes the cars are know as "customer baby cars". Our expert team are friendly and take control of their vintage car projects.

Free quotes are available by calling 087 550 6144. Classic car care is just a call away. We are local and lekker.
  • Muscle cars

Muscle cars

Okay, it is time to think about the thrill and pure pleasure of driving an adrenaline pushing muscle car every-time you get behind behind the wheel. Let our team strip, repair, spray paint and polish your now maintained classic car. Our experience and know how will shine through in the finishing touches.

Speaking of spray painting, come around and see for yourself. We might be busy with another vintage machine. Our technicians will be happy to talk to you and perhaps share a tip on the "good ol" days ways of classic refurbishment. I cant describe in words the pure pleasure of a roaring muscle car or a refurbished classic car.
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