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Get ypur scratched or bumped mags repaired at Bumper repair Cape Town

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Serving all your Mag repairs, Scratch and Dent repair, Plastic repairs and Spray Painting. Our team are knowledgeable and certified. 
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Mag Wheels Cape Town

You might think that the area of your car that takes the most amount of beating every day would be your bumpers, doors, or glass. While these sections remain durable, it doesn’t take much to force you into mag wheel repairs.
Rubber tires and flimsy rims easily cause substantial harm to your vehicles. Anything from potholes to striking a curb will instantly harm your car.
Bumper Repair Cape Town remains the reliable choice in local Cape Town, SA mag repairs. We provide affordable pricing and a broad range of rim repairs that help you save more on any service needs.
When you need to know that you’ve chosen the best services for mag wheels, Cape Town drivers turn to us time and again. Choose our shop for any mag wheel repairs and give your vehicle the best team around.
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Rim Repairs Cape Town

Some vehicles feel like they have rims made out of soda cans. Unfortunately, for how much most dedicated mag repair services charge, it makes it seem as though replacing with new ones is a better value.
We provide affordable rim straightening that leaves your wheels stiff, sturdy, and ready to take on the next parking median or rogue curb without the added expense of buying new. We rely on three hydraulic presses that leave it narrowed, rounded, and ready for the road again.
You can’t risk a Do It Yourself repair when your wheels get damaged. Give your car the best in local repair services now.

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Refurbishment Mag Repairs

Although a damaged rim quickly becomes dangerous to drive on, the right mag repair technicians can have it looking like new once again fast. We take damaged mags and give them the best refurbishment around, replacing missing alloy with new metal materials.
We can then resell these newly restored rims back to at far lower cost than purchasing a brand-new one. When you’re in the market for an affordable set of wheels that you can trust, we guarantee ours will get you to your next destination safely.
Whether you’d like to offer a trade, a sale, or to save on certified refurbished mags, we can help you today. See the difference our stock can make for your vehicle maintenance needs.
Your Mags need repair
Legendary Bumper Repair Cape Town provides immaculate Mag and Wheel repair. We also work on minor car accidents and spray painting. Come from anywhere in Cape Town.
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Rim Replacement

Sometimes, a damaged wheel is just too far gone to reuse it. Whether it’s a matter of safety, or it’s just too pricey to rebuild them, we can help you save with affordable replacement solutions.
Replacing your tire rims, however, is more complicated than taking the old one out and changing it with a new one. It must get machined correctly, as well as balanced, to ensure that you stay safe.

Even if you found another rim, you can’t guarantee that you did it correctly until you learn the hard way. Make sure that your replacement rims get installed by a wheel repair expert today.

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Custom Rim Painting
Our team knows their way around an auto spray painter, and we can provide your rims a much-needed face-lift fast. We use the same method of misting the metal rims to give it a unique coloring, pattern, or other designs.

Whether you have difficulty locating your car in a parking lot or want to set your wheels apart, we can help you with a great new paint application that lasts. We separate the rubber tire from the frame, and then blast its new coating, putting it back together once it finishes drying.

The results are a one-of-a-kind set of rims that keep your vehicle looking great. Choose Bumper Repair Cape Town for your wheels.

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