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Plastic repair, scratch repair and dent repairs  in Cape Town

Scratch and Dent repairs

Serving all your Auto Body repair work, Scratch and Dent repair, Plastic repairs and Spray Painting. Our team are knowledgeable and certified. 
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Why Fix Vehicle Scratches?

Even faint scratching can quickly give rise to issues with your paint, the vehicle’s body, and its overall value and appearance. It doesn’t take long for a scratch to rust, and once moisture gets trapped inside, it will soon make the paint bubble.
Unfortunately, the typical driver doesn’t handle the repairs correctly by themselves, and most Do It Yourself methods cause more harm than they are worth. The best way to remove scratch and dent blemishes is through a certified repair shop.
When you need to know that your deepest scratches look like new, you won’t find a more qualified team than ours. Contact us today for your best vehicle scratch removal services.
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  • Plastic Bumper Repair on a Toyota VX

What is Dent Removal?

Dent removal, as the name suggests, forces a divot back into place so that it looks as close to normal as possible. While one may think that dents and scratches repairs are straightforward, they require professional experience to handle correctly.
Most professionals depend on a series of industrial suction cups, pneumatic tools, and other mechanical devices that don’t always sell in hardware stores. Trying to outfit a garage with it all would become more expensive than visiting us, and without training, it can get dangerous.
Attempting to work out a dent without panel beaters usually ends in the metal tearing, snapping, or otherwise getting further damaged. And if you rely on Internet videos that stay unverified, you could easily harm your car with your cheaper dent removal methods.
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Professional Scratch and Dent Repair

While most mechanic repair shops have started offering dents and scratches repairs, it doesn’t mean that they provide the right corrections. Some shops rely on the same devices and buffering techniques for every scratch they see, which could wind up worsening it.
Some technicians go door to door selling their services, but they often make a spot worse while making a quick buck. And without the right tools for the job, you’ll just as soon harm more of the surface.
Rather than visit a standard garage or other panel beaters services, your best bet is to choose an experienced auto paint repair company. By hiring the scratch and dent experts at Bumper Repair Cape Town, you’re giving your car the best chance at looking like it rolled right off of the assembly line.
Your Scratches and Dents need repair
Legendary Bumper Repair Cape Town provides immaculate Scratch and Dent repair. We also work on minor car accidents and spray painting. Come from anywhere in Cape Town.
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Why Hire Someone to Fix Scratch and Dent Blemishes?

The majority of dents require a repair technician to access it from the inside, which takes considerable mechanic skills. And if you don’t have the same set of professional tools and equipment items, you can easily puncture through the damaged areas.

Some shops advertise paintless repair services, but that is often not accurate. Once the issue has progressed past a hairline crack, scratch and dent repair becomes much more invasive.

Inexperience is among the top ways that vehicles get further damaged by someone trying to make the spot appear better. Viral videos of people pouring boiling water, or using plumbing plungers, don’t help to inform others, either.

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Scratch repair?
The dent and scratch repair teams work with small scratches and scrapes. Perhaps it was a car key scratch or perhaps a dog jumped up and scratched the panel. Maybe your car has some peeling paint, we can sort that for you.

Our workshop is very efficient and very knowledgeable of the specific work that is needed. The professional team always use the correct amount of paint needed and that means cost saving that we can pass onto our customers.
Why choose us!
Our team remains the company that more Cape Town residents turn to for help when they see dings, scratches, dents, and other issues with their vehicle’s body. If left ignored, you would soon see rust form, as well as the rest of the paint peeling and chipping away.

We provide experienced repair technicians who know how to match and surface and paint while making the mark virtually impossible to see again. Whether you damaged it while off-roading or from the grocery store parking lot, Bumper Repair Cape Town can help you renew them all.
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